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Introducing Aviator

The Aviator game is a simple, fun and exciting way to experience online casino entertainment! Take to the skies with this imaginative new social multiplayer game.

Aviator ushers in a new generation of games for South Africa! Join Sportingbet in a whole new world of online entertainment. Enjoy the adaptive game features on your preferred device; desktop, tablet or mobile.

How to Play

How to play Aviator with Sportingbet

With Sportingbet, Aviator betting has never been easier. Simply place your bet and wait for the round to start. This aviation themed game incorporates a plane on a surging curve that can crash at any given point! To play, keep your eye on the multiplier and cash-out before the lucky plane flies away.

This intuitive platform allows you to place up to two bets at the same time. Make use of the in-game chat to connect with the wider community of players. Follow others in the game and see how much players are betting and winning. The live stats will keep you on top of the biggest wins daily, monthly and of all time.

Bet from as little as R2 and stand a chance of winning a massive payday of up to R2,000,000.

All you have to do is 'cash out' before the plane flies away and you get to pocket your winnings.

For example, if you bet R100, a winning bet will receive:

  • A gain of R100 multiplied by wherever the multiplier of the plane has reached

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